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30 Years Experience Teaching Dance - Providing Dancers Professional Dance Instruction to Develop Their Dancing Skills Through Planning and Future Dance Programs.


Swing Dance Lesson Instruction at the Knights of Columbus Hall in St. Charles County, Missouri. This is a pencile writing across the screen! Star Dancer.Net Is On Google reader! Star DancerNet is on Delicious! Star Dancer.Net Is On Panoramio. Coming Soon Star Dancer.Net On My Space! Dance with Linda and Stan, On Thumbtack! Dance Award Winnning Instructors Linda & Stan Show You How to Dance Mambo & Salsa. Linda & Stan are Registered Trademarks of © Star Dancer.Net Dance Award Winnning Instructors Linda & Stan Show You How to Dance The Rumba Bolero! Linda & Stan are Registered Trademarks of © Star Dancer.Net Swing Dance Lesson Instruction at the Knights of Columbus Hall in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Dances, Dance Lessons & Workshops at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall

2199 Post Road Dardenne Prairie, Mo. 63368

Dance Classes at the St. Charles Community College 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr. St. Peters, Mo. 63376



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The Creators of Star Dancer for 30 years. Originally Started as ‘Social Dance’. Linda Landwehr & Stan Mayer...

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For More Information About The Saint Charles Community College 'Dance Class' 'Schedule', Click Here! Click Here For More Information About Our 'Dances', 'Dance Class Workshops' and 'Dancing' at The Knights of Columbus 'Dance' 'Club' 'Hall' on 2199 Post Road in O'Fallon Missouri.


Private Dance Lessons

Knights of Columbus Dances Class Workshops

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StarDancer DJ Services Wedding Dance Routines Private Dance Lessons Dance Classes At SCC StarDancer DJ Services

Fall Dance Classes

K.C. Dances, Dancing & Dance Classes Workshops

The ‘dance’ ‘classes’ we have to offer vary. They are arranged by 1. The 'Style' of 'Dance', 2. The 'Level' of the 'Dance' and 3. The 'Type' of 'Dance' to choose from. To see the availability of our 'dance classes' & 'dance’ ‘lessons' click the arrow just belowto the right! or go to our 'Join Us' pages or 'Classes' Pages To choose the right 'program' for You. For more Info. give us a call at this number 636-926-2680. Ask for 'Linda' or leave a message with your phone number.

Dance Lessons Are Taught At The

St. Charles Community College

& Dances Are Held At the

Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall

Our 'Dances' help our students grow, and become creative with their 'Dancing'. Our Students get better at their 'Dancing' by attending 'Dances'. Our 'dances' are an opportunity for our students to learn more at an affordable cost too!

Doors Open at 7:00 PM. Our Beginner 'Swing' 'Dance Workshops' are taught every 2nd Friday at 7:25 PM. Our Beginner 'Ballroom' 'Dance Lesson' is Taught every 4th Friday at 7:25 PM. 'Ballroom' 'workshop' 'dance classes' vary and depend on what is being 'taught' in our 'classes' during the week.

'Intermediate' and 'Advance' 'Workshop' 'Dance Lessons' are 'taught' at 7:50 PM for 'dancers' that already have had 'dance lessons'. A 'General Variety' of 'Step Patterns' and 'Variations' are 'taught' by Linda & Stan. General 'Dancing' follows after the 'dance workshops' are completed. The 'Dance' starts at 8:20 PM depending on 'class' overflow.

All 'DANCERS' are Welcome to our 'Dances'. You Do Not have to be a Member. There is No Membership Fees, No Registration, No Enrollments, No 'Dance Club' Fees, No Hidden Fees, No 'Con-tracts', No Selling, No Announcements, No Buying Jackets or 'Dance Club' Paraphernalia to become a Member. You do not have to be Enrolled in our 'dance classes'.

The Price is the same for everyone, No Hassles! No Showing Off trying to get you to sign up! 'Just Dance' and have alot of 'Dancing' Fun! Everyone is Welcome to our 'dances', If you have the desire to 'dance', which includes non 'dancers' too, and you do not know how to 'social dance', are a non 'dancer', and are willing to learn to 'dance', We will show you how!

*Price Is $8/person at the door.

(*Prices May Change on Special Events). (*Prices may vary depending on the event or type of dance workshop and or the cost strictly-is solely based on the workshop and other costs-not the dance. Check the “Calendar” Page for details). (Swing dances may change due to the Broadness of our clientele).

(Guest of Students may be charged the same price due to hall rental costs & other costs too.) (Outside regular dancers with invitation of Linda & Stan, cost may or may not be the same as student cost for special event parties such as graduation dance parties and other events. Check with Stan for details.)

DJ Music Is provided by Stan, playing all of your favorite & popular dance music tunes. Ballroom Dance night we play a large variety of ballroom, swing, jitterbug, west coast swing, Imperial swing, blues, rock, disco, Latin and country dance music. Swing Dance night we play lots of Blues, Disco, Rock, 50’s & 60’s, Jazz & Pop dance music.

We are furnished with all types of Swing Music. We are dealers of Beach Bag Blues Music Productions. For the Ballroom Dances we are also furnished with lots of Ballroom Music. We are Dancelife Ballroom Music Dealers too! Request are always welcome! Just Ask!

A Cash Bar is available. (Beer, Wine, Soda, Water & Set Ups.) B.Y.O.L. No Extra Cost To You! Just Tip Your Bartender Please!

Other Dances May be held at the St. Charles Community College In The “college center” gym, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters, Missouri (Near Hwy. 94, south on Mid Rivers Mall Drive).

Dance Night On the Town with Linda & Stan. Check out our “Dance” Page and click on ‘Night On The Town.’

Calendar of Events For dance dates & special dance events Click on “Calendar Button” at the bottom of this page! (Some dates and times May change due to hall rentals, holidays and other occasions).

For Dance Information: call us at: 636-926-2680 or Email Us At:

Rules at Our Dances: The Rules at Our 'Dances' ARE 'NO TO THE FOLLOWING': solicitation, (this also includes business cards) selling, promoting, advertising, showing pictures of other events, bringing camera’s, Taping devices or any other type of electronic recording devices that/which includes cell phones (for recording purposes) into our dances.

All of Linda and Stan’s material, lessons and phrases are copy right material. If you try to produce, reproduce, and/or re-cord and/or 'copy' anyone and/or anything at our dances and their locations held in the presence of 'Linda and Stan', their 'lessons and/or classes', Action may be taken, and You May Be, 'Dismissed' from - our dances permanently.

Linda and Stan are Trademarks and/of © 2008 Star Dancer.Net - Photographing, taping (which includes voice activated recording devices) and/or copying Linda and/or Stan without their permission will be per sued and is a federal crime in the U.S. If you know anyone that has broken our rules, please do not hesitate to give us a call and tell us about it! Your Name, Confidentially, Will Not Be Disclosed. (636) 926-2680. Remember, your business is important to us.

Click Here to Go to the Private Dance Lessons Page with Linda & Stan.


Our Dance Lesson Workshops are held at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall every 2nd & 4th Friday of each month. Doors open at 7:00 PM. Swing Dance & Dance Classes are held on every 2nd Friday and Ballroom Dances & Dance Classes are held on every 4th Friday of each month. This Continues On Throughout the Year.

There Are No Contracts, No Club Fees, No Membership Fees, No Enrollment Fees, and No Hassles. Cost is Just $8 at the door with a Free Dance Lesson Workshop at 7:20 PM. Lots of Dancing starts at 8:15 PM.

Check Us Out! For Information click on the arrow to the bottom right of this box... or go to our 'Dances' Page. We hope you come to a dance and join us and don't hesitate to tell us who you are. It will be our pleasure to meet you. We would like to thank you for your time checking us out. Tell us what you think. Your input is important to us. Thank You, Stan & Linda.

Dance Class levels are beginners dance classes, Intermediate dance levels, general variety dance lessons and advance dance levels 1, 2, 3 & 4. Dance styles are ballroom, showcase, social & street. Type of dance classes available, click the ‘arrow’ to the right ...

Ballroom Dances - Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba, Bolero, Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Samba, East Coast Swing & Disco Hustle …

Street Dances - Street Hustle, West Coast Swing, Nightclub 2 Step, Imperial Swing, Jitterbug, Shag, Lindy Hop, Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Line Dance, Barn Dance, Polka, Free Style, Hip Hop etc ...

Country Social Dances - Texas Two Step, Progressive Double Two, Country Waltz & Country Line, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Cha Cha, Nightclub 2, etc ...

Availability of Dance Lessons:

Ballroom Dance - Basic 1 - Beginner Level - Dances Include: Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba & Swing - Runs 3 Classes a Week.

Imperial Swing - Basic 1 - Beginner Level - Runs 3 Classes a Week - 8 to 10 Patterns.

Ballroom Dance - Basic 2 - Intermediate Level - Dances Include: Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba & Swing - Runs 2-3 Classes a Week.

Imperial Swing - Basic 2 - General Variety - Runs 2-3 Classes a Week - 7 to 10 Patterns.

Line Dance - Beginner Level - Runs 1 Class a Week. 8-10 Line Dances.

Imperial Swing 3 (Lindy) - Advance Level - 1 to 2 Classes a Week - 8 to 10 Patterns.

Jitterbug Swing 1 - Beginner Level - Runs 1 Class a Week - 8-10 Patterns.

Wedding Dance Program - Beginner Level - Runs 1 Class a Week - 4-6 Patterns - Dances Usually are Waltz & Swing. - This class is Taught once a year. Check for class listings under ‘Join Us’. ‘Classes’ or ‘Private Lessons’.

West Coast Swing - Advance Level 1 & 2 - Runs 1 Class a Week - 8 Patterns each.

Jitterbug Swing 2 - Intermediate/Advance Level - Runs 1 Class a Week - 6-10 Patterns.

Ballroom 3 Classes 1 & 2 / Bronze & Silver Levels - 1 Class a Week - All Dances - Type of Dances are Randomly Picked Through The Year. - 10 Step Programs

Specialty Programs - Requires Dance Level Experience - 1 Class a Week - Dances Like the Nightclub 2 Step, Street Hustle, Salsa, Texas Two Step, etc ... Are once a year picked randomly.

Mini Session - Your Level Program - 4 Week Program  - Once a Year - Dance Steps are Showcase Moves, Dips, Drops, High-Light Moves with Style & Technique, Turns & Spins for the Holiday’s.

Technique, Spins & Turns Class - Everyone is Welcome - Once A Year - This Program is Packed Full of Dance Techniques, Body Positions, Foot, Hand & Arm Positions, Spins and Turns and a lot More. - Two 2 Hour Classes.

Ballroom Amalgamations (Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Bronze, Silver & Gold). There is 1 class per week.  200 hours of classes taken prior before Entering this class!

Ballroom 4 Classes - Gold Level - 1 Class a Week - Once a Year - All Dances including Viennese Waltz & Bolero. Excluded Dances Are Merengue, Hustle & West Coast Swing. - 10 Step Programs. This program is occasionally taught and the steps are for Competition Only. Not Social. Check with our private lessons page section.

For further information click the arrow to the right or check out Our Classes Page under ‘Join Us’ or ‘Classes’. For future scheduling Check out our Calendar and for Private Lessons go to the ‘Private Lessons’ Page under our ‘Home’ Page Button.


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Linda & Stan Are 'professional' 'Dance Instructors' with over 30 years of 'dance' experience in 'dance competition' and 'dance instruction', and are both from the Saint Louis Missouri and Saint Charles Missouri area.

Stan is a 'rising star' 'ballroom dance' 'champion' and has won two 'top dance teachers' awards in 'ballroom dancing' with A. M. International Dance Studio. He has won many 'swing contests' in the U.S., Amongst them, one of the top 'dance contest' in the country ''Dallas Dance'' & with Linda ''The Mid West Challenge'' 'Swing Dance Competition' which was held in the St. Louis Missouri area at the Collinsville Illinois Convention Center in 1987.

Linda is a “Mid West Challenge” first place 'west coast swing' 'dance champion' 'dancer' in the cabaret division with Stan in Saint Louis in 1987, and The Missouri State Swing Championship in 1989. She holds other championship 'dance' titles in 'swing dance' and is also a certified & recognized 'ballroom dance instructor' for over 25 years. She had worked & trained through Fred Astair Dance World International 'Dance Studios' in St. Louis, Missouri, where she got her certification as a 'ballroom dance instructor'.

For more info. about Linda and Stan click on the arrow to the right.

What is Star Dancer? The History...

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Knights of Columbus Dances Class Workshops

Stan and Linda are professional Dance instructors with over 30 years of experience in dance competition and teaching dance instruction. Their instruction in social dance is highly acclaimed and renowned throughout the United States and in the St. Louis Mo, St. Charles Mo, St. Peters Mo, Cottleville Mo, Wentzville Mo, O’fallon Mo and Dardenne Prairie Mo. Area. In the past they worked with, taught and trained students as well as dance teachers in many of the well known dance studios in United States as well as in the local area.

Stan and Linda Teach All Dances

As each dance lesson goes by, Stan and Linda teach social dance to thousands of new students each year introducing them to their first time dance lesson programs.

They teach all of the American style Ballroom Dances, All Latin Dances & Salsa, All of the Swing Dances including West Coast Swing, Whip, Push, Houston Whip, Tulsa Push, Dallas Push, Dallas Whip, Jitterbug Swing, Imperial Swing Dance, Shag, Lindy, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Nightclub Two Step.

They Also Teach All of the Country & Western Dances, Line Dances, Hustle, Disco, and many more dances NOW in the St. Charles, MO. Area, St. Louis MO. Area, and their surrounding Counties. Check the Calendar Schedule To See Where They Will Be Teaching Next.

Professional Dance Lessons & Planning

Reassuring you that your private dance instructions will go smooth, we will intelligently plan, with you, a dance program that suits your dancing needs. In other words, get you off to a good start towards your original dance goal.

Our Dance Step Programs are Easy, Fun and anyone can do them. This separates us from our competition which will try to teach you competition steps only, and try to sell you on going to competition claiming that competition will make you a better social dancer taking you through hours of endless and costly dance lessons.

Competition Dancing Offers Too High A Price

After being in the dance business over 30 years we can tell you that promises like that can’t be kept, and are untrue. And in many cases are costly over time. After all, who do you think is going to pay for that expensive Twenty Four hundred Dollar Costume and the Trips, Hotels, Food, Airfare, Coaching Lessons with so called pro’s you don’t even know? For more Information go to the article ' before taking dance classes '.

Our Private Lessons Beat The Competition

Rest assure, our dance prices are reasonable and Low cost too! We can plan, with you, any dance program that will fit your dancing needs, budget and lifestyle. And we give Discounts to all Enrolled Students, As Much as $10 Off Regular Private Dance Lessons. We guarantee all Private Lesson Prices will beat the competition.

If Not - We Will Match The Price!

Based on Certified Professional Dancers & Dance Studio’s Not on Someone that claims to be knowledgeable in the field of Ballroom Dance or any other Dance Form.

What this simply means is that there has to be proof of the teachers ability based on professionalism, experience and knowledge in our business.

This takes at least 10 years of training in a dance studio under the guidance of a dance master along with a lot of research and development.

For too many years we have seen dancers become teachers after taking a few lessons. We consider them student-teachers that didn’t finish their programs, Not Teachers of Dance. They Are Not in Our Rankings.

Book your first private dance lesson by giving us a call at 636-926-2680. Ask for Linda!

Stan & Linda Are Ranked Number 1

By the way, Check us out on the world wide web. Stan and Linda are ranked number one as the most visited web site in the United States according to Google and Alexa.

How you can get number one rankings is not easy! Download our New Tool Bar from Alexa and check us out on Google.

You might be surprised that our dance lessons are not as expensive as the competition! Give us a call and find out! Our phone number is 636-926-2680 - Ask for Linda or Stan.

Private Dance Lessons

can work several ways. Each Student has his or her own dance needs. The key is to tailor a specific dance program that will work for you.

Private dance lessons tailored to your dancing needs. This is what we do as professional dance instructors or dance teachers!

Singles, Couples or Groups. We Can Teach you How To Dance Faster in The Shortest Time and Look Good On The Dance Floor.

Thousands of our Students are Doing It Right Now! Come To One of Our Dances at The Knights of Columbus and See For Yourself. No one can do it better than Linda & Stan! None!

No matter if it’s a dance routine your wanting to do to a certain song or you just want a few dance steps for that dance party your going to, so you can look your best on the dance floor.

Whatever the case may be, then this is the right place to take your private dance lessons. Our instructors, Linda and Stan, will give you professional and personal attention with quality and affordable well planned out dance lesson instruction.

Our private dance lessons are fun and there is never a dull minute. Our Private Dance Lessons are based on hour lessons planned out by you and your dance instructors.

So if you want to take an hour dance lesson a week or a couple of hour dance lessons a week, It’s your choice. Again, whatever the dance program you choose, we will find a way to reach your dance goal.

Scheduled dance lessons

are always booked ahead of time so you will always know the day  your private dance lesson is on. Our hours are flexible so call during the day when we are available from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. Sundays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, for bookings only. Leave a message we will get right back to you if you don’t get a hold of us. All Class Lessons are taught in the Evenings.

We Choreograph Wedding Dance Routines.

This is one of our most successful and popular dance programs of all. Wedding dance routines have been our mark of excellence for over twenty years.

We are ahead of the rest when it comes to planning your wedding dance routine. We plan more wedding dance routines than anyone in the St. Louis and St. Charles Missouri area every year. We also provide DJ Services and Dance Shows. Check Us Out!

Give us a call for your first private dance lesson appointment today at 636-926-2680. Ask for Linda.

Start Now with your first private dance lesson today!

Star Dancer got its roots and name from a saying... ‘If you have the desire to dance, you too can become a star dancer! even if you’ve never danced before'. Age is no factor! Being handicap is no factor! Anyone can dance! You just need encouragement, confidence and the desire to dance.

The idea, of ‘Star Dancer’, started in the summer of 1978, trying to find a catchy name for a business card which in its form appeared as ‘Star Master’. This came from Stan’s mother who went to a print shop and had business cards printed up for his birthday.

To his surprise he opened up the box to read the cards. On the cards at the top was written, ‘Star Master Dancer’. At the time it seemed to be the catchy name that was being looked for in order for the business to take off.

Two years later, working two jobs and teaching workshops in night clubs trying to stay afloat, Stan found himself working for a prominent dance studio. Then one day, working for the same studio at a dance competition, an older dance master, after watching him dance with his students, politely said to him with encouraging words, ‘if you have the desire to dance, you too can become a star dancer’.

At that moment in time, the words that came from the kind gentleman did not even occur to me what was to become later.

A few more years went by, and the words ‘star dancer’ came to Stan again and inspired him to restart his dance business again. With the help of Linda Landwhere, they both started out in a basement studio and called it ‘Social Dance’.

This came about by posting flyers in grocery stores with the words ‘Social Dance Tonight’. The words were a big eye catcher on the front of the flyers and it seemed to work. A few dances later this became a big hit and generated more students taking lessons.

As months went by they would be the first dance studio in the St. Louis area to be in the top 10 on the Internet called ‘Social Dance’. This was from the help of Stan’s brother ‘Anton’, who passed away later.

Eventually this all led them to teach for the Saint Charles School District and later at a aerobic studio in Saint Charles on the north side of highway 70 where they taught Ballroom & Swing. Soon they would move to the Saint Charles Community College where they teach today.

Later, after being inspired with the meaning and phrase, ‘you can be a star dancer to’, Linda & Stan as business partners changed the dance company name from ‘Social Dance’ to ‘Star Dancer’ along with the web site name.

After having the success of being champion dancers and winning top teachers awards, Linda and Stan both believe that, seeing their students perform & dance on the dance floor, they are all ‘Star Dancers’.

When you see the desire of our students, their eagerness to learn and their confidence they show when they enter the dance floor, is an emotional yet rewarding and a honor to be in such a profession & business, especially when you have the opportunity to teach thousands of students each year. So here we are today! The rest is history.

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Knights of Columbus Dances Class Workshops Private Dance Lessons (Click Here)!

Private Dance Lessons (Click Here)

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