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30 Years Experience Teaching Dance - Providing Dancers Professional Dance Instruction to Develop Their Dancing Skills Through Planning and Future Dance Programs.



Swing Dances: are on every 2nd Friday of each month.

Ballroom Dances: are on every 4th Friday of each month.

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Our Dances are held every 2nd & 4th Friday of the month at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall - 2199 Post Road In Dardenne Prairie, Mo. 63368. Ballroom & Swing Dance Workshop start at 7:15 PM, Dance starts 8:15 PM

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Party Dances

Graduation Dances

Night On the Town Dances

Dance Trips & Excursions

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Night On The Town with Linda and Stan

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Are You Planning for a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday Party, School Event, Retirement Party, Graduation Dance Party or any Other Celebration, and you need something special to spritz up the party. Then you might consider on bringing us to the party.

For over 25 years StarDancer has been providing that kind of event party that has left a smile on many faces, a picture that says a thousand words, a memory that will last a lifetime. If you want to try something new! Try Us! (Click the arrow to the bottom right of this box)... We do more than a regular D.J. Service or a Dance Instructor trying to get your feet together.

We do both D.J. services & choreograph dance routines. If you want, we can also throw in a dance lesson or two for your party! 'Can you imagine after the party, you would be the talk of the town'. A Party that would not be forgot!

And there’s more that we provide too! Wether it’s cost, timing or planning that’s on your mind, “We Will Work it out With You” .... Try Us! ... Check Us Out! ... Give us a call - At 636-926-2680 and ask for Stan. We do video too! Call Now and we will throw it in at no extra cost to you!

Weddings - Parties - Special Events - Entertainment - DJ Services

Other dances we provide are holiday party dances, graduation dances, night on the town dances, dance trips, excursions and special dance events & services.

Throughout the year our students look forward in going to our special holiday party dances. Starting with our ‘New Years Eve Party’. Our students sign up for this big event which sells out usually at ‘Stegtons’ in St. Charles, Mo. For the last three years we have celebrated the new year at ‘Stegtons Regency’ Banquet Center.

With their excellent food, drink, pleasure and show stopper music your sure to have a good time. Top popular bands like the ‘King of Hearts’, ‘Non Stop Rock Band’ and others have played there. The Public and guest are invited. For Info. Click the arrow below or check out our calendar for details.

Our next party dance, on the 2nd Friday in February, is our Valentines Dance. This is a great party dance for new people to meet up and have fun dancing all night. This dance is held at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall at 2199 Post Rd. In Dardenne Prairie, Mo. 63368. DJ Music is played by Stan. For More Info. Click on the arrow to the bottom of this box. or check our Ad to the left for dance details. The Public and guest are invited.

In March we bring out the green for our St. Patrick’s celebration dance. This dance too, is on our 2nd Friday dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall. The public and guest are invited.

In October we have our biggest Dance of the year which is our Halloween Costume dance party. Check our calendar for more info. At this Dance we have our biggest giveaways. Free gifts and coupons, free dance courses, free private lessons, dance shoes from CHAD's Theatrical Dance Shop, free music and a lot more with a lot of dancing.

Students win prizes awards for best costumes, door prizes, dance games and more. The dance is held at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall with Stan DJ'n some of his finest music. Click on the link For more Info. about CHAD's Theatrical Dance Shop or Check our Calendar for details.

November is the time to be thankful! Every year after 'Thanksgiving Day', on the 4th Friday in November, we play music for our students to 'work that turkey off' and get out on the dance floor. The evening is an elegant event of ballroom dancing held at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall. The public and guest are invited. Check our calendar for details.

Our last dance of the year is our holiday party dance. This is our Christmas fund raiser dance. This dance is off schedule, usually the 3rd Friday in December at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall. Bring in a Can Good and receive a dollar off for the dance. All food is donated to the needy children. This is a dance that Linda and Stan has held through the years.The public and guest are invited.

Check our calendar for details.

Our special party services varies. Stan & Linda have been known to bring the party to you! For years we have danced, put on shows, played D.J. music and taught special dance lessons for private parties, weddings, special events, kids & adult birthday parties, and other events too! No matter what the occasion Linda and Stan can do it for you. Discount Prices for Students Who are Enrolled in Class. For cost and Info. call 636-926-2680.

Our Graduation Dances are held at the end of each session, usually at the Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall in Dardenne Prairie, Mo. 63368. For more information click the arrow below this box or Check Out our Calendar for details.

This is a time of celebration for our students that attended and finished their class session at the Saint Charles Community College. It also includes our private lesson students. Students are awarded at the end of their session for completing their programs with a certificate of achievement with following ceremonies of an evening of dancing celebration.

There are several levels of achievement. The first level is our basic one achievers, our newest dancers introduced to our programs, followed by our basic two classes introduced to our general variety programs. The advanced levels are in the highest program of our achievers. These are students that continue further on with their dancing.

Finally the evening is topped off with our Star Dancer award, top student for the year. This award, originally was called top student & top dancer award. Later, we changed it to the Star Dancer award. Our finest achievers receive this award, which is celebrated four times a year. Star Dancer award achievers are recognized for their excellence in the social ballroom dances.

Our final achievement award, our newest, is the gold key award. This award is given once a year to our finest students. This award is our hall of fame award. All awards and certifications are recognized & recommended through Linda and Stan who are certified, educated, professional dance instructors. Their field of dance is vast and ageless along with their experience in competition, social ballroom and street dancing.

Other award events, were the Star Dancer awards & banquet ceremonies, currently being worked on for the future. The event was built on the medalist program. This program, which is not funded yet, is designed for our students to compete in achieving a metal in ballroom and social dance standards in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels. This event was held twice. For more info. about graduation dances click the right arrow to the bottom of this box. check out our Calendar for details.

Periodically we take our students out on the town to experience dancing in its pure form. This is a chance for them to loosen up and not think about steps all the time, so that they just dance and have fun! This gives our students the experience at what to expect when they take that first step on the dance floor, So they will be ready for that special occasion or party they planned for.

Places we take our students 'Night Out On the Town' are, 'Casa-Loma Ballroom', ‘Sports Cafe’, ‘Back Street Jazz Rhythm & Blues Club’ and other places. Bands we recommend to go out & dance to in the St. Louis area are, the 'Contors Mo-Town Band' and 'Sentimental Journey' big band. If You would like more Info. about these bands and dance clubs, click on the links below.

- Casa Loma Ballroom

- Sports Cafe

- Back Street Jazz Blues Club

- Contors Mo-Town Band

- Sentimental Journey

This program is at no extra cost and it is a service that Linda and Stan provide for their students. (Door entry prices may apply). For bookings or planning night on the town with Linda & Stan click the arrow below this box or check out our Calendar.

Our Dance Trips & Excursions are Fun & Exciting! Our first excursion, seven years ago, was Riviera Maya, Mexico. This was a land excursion that was breath taking with lots of dancing at the ‘Hotel El Dorado Resort’.

The trip included a pontoon boat ride with two guitar players strumming romantic music towards an exotic evening on the beach side of the Gulf of Mexico, where we wine, dinned and danced, with tiki torch fires, around a wood dance floor to real Latin music.

The meal was a steak a lobster feast. The wine was fine! The trip also included, karaoke by the bar with swings, the Mayan Pyramids of Chichenitza, the famous X-caret stadium with dinner shows and entertainment, a trip to ‘Mambo Cafe’, & ‘Senior Frogs’ with Salsa Dancing to a hot Cuban Band. and a lot more shows and entertainment.

Our second excursion was our ‘Carnival Cruise Excursion’, provided by St. Charles Community College about four years ago. This was a fun trip with lots of dancing! Your choice of seven dance places to go on the ship with everything to wood dance floors to a huge 120 foot disco dance floor. This ship in its time and still is one of the biggest.

Students had a lot places to choose & pick from to go to. There was a huge theatre which had shows nightly. Lots of great food in a beautiful dinning room. And there were places you could go off the ship such as ‘Jimmy Buffets’ Place in Jamaica, with great entertainment & food. Plenty of shopping off shore too. And if you had plenty of time you could go swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman Islands. The trip also included Cozumel, Mexico.

Our third excursion in 2008, was X-Caret, Mexico and we stayed at the Occidental Grand X-Caret Hotel resort which is believed to be one of the biggest exotic resort hotels in Mexico. Our group was immersed by the wonder, adventure and beauty in one of the world's most unique and friendly parks. This is a place where you entered a tropical jungle and reach isolated beaches as well. In this park, on the resort, you could ride the dolphins.

The resort also had lots of Latin entertainment as well as stage performance entertainment nightly. Later students could dance to a very good performing band by the stage. Dinners, nightly, were traditional international cuisine such as Italian, Japanese, Country Western, etc.

Students went on excursions to the Mayan Pyramids of Chichenitza, romantic & exotic beach side evening, shopping in ‘Playa del Carmen’, a visit to Sr. Frogs with dancing and party spirits, Salsa dancing at ‘El Capitons’, swimming on the beach side of the Gulf, dance at the disco tech, solarium and fitness room and many other things to do.

The resort was toped off with five swimming pools which included a waterfall with bars & restaurants. If you wanted to, you could get a Merengue lesson out at the pool, which we did!

For More Info. Go to our ‘Dance Trips & Excursion Page by Clicking On the ‘Arrow’ to the bottom right of this box. For Details on Future Dance Excursions check our Calendar.

Our dances help our students grow, become creative and get better at their dancing. Our dances are an opportunity for our students to learn more at an affordable cost too!

All dancers are welcome to our Dances. You Do Not have to be a member. As a matter of fact there is no membership fees at all. Everyone is welcome if you have the desire to dance. That includes non-dancers too. If you are a non dancer and are willing to learn to dance we will show you how.

DJ music is provided by Stan, playing all of your favorite & popular dance music tunes. Ballroom, swing, jitterbug, west coast swing, Imperial, blues, rock, disco, Latin and country.

Doors Open at 7:00 PM, beginner 'dance-workshop' starts at 7:20 PM. A general variety workshop starts about 7:50 - 8:15 PM. General dancing starts at 8:15 PM till 12:00 PM.

Cash Bar is available. Beer, Wine & Soda and Set-ups. 'B.Y.O.L.' Is No Extra Cost To You. Make sure you tip your bartender!

Price Is $8 /person at the door. (Prices May Change on Special Events). (*Prices may vary depending on the event or type of dance-workshop and or the cost strictly-is solely based on the workshop and other costs-not the dance). (Some dances may change due to the Broadness of our clientele).

Other dances May be held at the St. Charles Community College In the college center gym, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters, Mo. (Near Hwy. 94, south on Mid Rivers Mall Drive).

Calendar of Events: Some dates and times may change due to hall rentals, holidays & other occasions. Click on Our Calendar button at the bottom of this page!

For Information: call us at (636) 926-2680

or Email Us at:


Like All Establishments, Clubs, Businesses and Organizations, Each Have Rules! It Is Important That You Understand, In Order for Us to Continue and Support Our Teachers /Instructors That We All Play by The Same Set of Rules.

Your Loyalty Is Important To Us! Please Take Note That Linda & Stan and their /are Trademarks and are /of 2008 Copyright Star Dancer.Net are /and their All of Information Provided At Their Dances Is /all Copyright Material! So That There is No Misunderstanding! Please, Read Our Rules Below Before Entering Our Dances. Remember Your Business Is Important To Us!

No solicitation, selling, promoting, advertising, bringing camera’s, taping devices or any other type of recording devices, that includes cell phones (for recording purposes). No pictures or albums of pictures, logo’s or video of other events that promote other groups & organizations into/or at our dances.

All of Linda & Stan’s material, lessons and phrases are copy right material. If you try to re-cord or copy at our dances, lessons and/or classes, and/or breaking the rules above, action may be taken and you may be, dissmissed from our dances permanently and with no refund.

Linda and Stan are Trademarks of 2008 © Star Dancer.Net, copyrights reserved. Recording of any kind and /or using and /or teaching their programs without their permission is a federal crime and will be per sued.

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DON'T FORGET 4th FRIDAY JUNE 22nd - 7:15 PM - YOUR GRADUATION DANCE - At Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall - 2199 Post Rd. in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri 63368