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This Is A Star Dance Ball On The Carnival, Conquest Cruise Ship!

Riviera Maya - Hotel El Dorado Sept. 9th 2003

Riviera Maya 2 - Hotel El Dorado Sept. 9th 2003

Occidental Grand X-Caret Hotel Resort June 2008

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Our 3rd excursion in 2008, was X-Caret, Mexico and we stayed at the Occidental Grand X-Caret Hotel resort which is believed to be one of the biggest exotic resort hotels in Mexico. Our group was immersed by the wonder, adventure and beauty in one of the world's most unique and friendly parks. This is a place where you entered a tropical jungle and reach isolated beaches as well. In this park, on the resort, you could ride the dolphins. The resort also had lots of Latin entertainment as well as stage performance entertainment nightly. Later students could dance to a very good performing band by the stage. Dinners, nightly, were traditional international dinning such as Italian, Japanese, Country Western, ect. Students went on excursions to  the Mayan Pyramids of Chichenitza, romantic & exotic beach side evening, shopping in “Playa del Carmen”, a visit to Sr. Frogs with dancing and party spirits, Salsa dancing at “El Capitons”, swimming on the beach side of the Gulf, dance at the disco tech, solarium and fitness room and many other things to do. The resort was toped off with 5 swimming pools which included a waterfall with bars & restaurants. If you wanted to, you could get a Merengue lesson out at the pool, which we did!

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Carnival Dance Cruise Jan. 1st 2006

Ballroom Dance by StarDancer.Net
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Our 2nd excursion was our “Carnival Cruise Excursion”, put together by St. Charles Community College about 4 years ago. This was a fun trip with lots of dancing! Your choice of 7 dance places to go on the ship with everything to wood dance floors to a huge 120 foot disco dance floor. This ship in its time and still is one of the biggest. Students had a lot places to choose & pick from to go to. There was a huge theatre which had shows nightly. Lots of great food in a beautiful dinning room. And there were places you could go off the ship such as “Jimmy Buffets” place in Jamaica with great entertainment & food. Plenty of shopping off shore too. And if you had plenty of time you could go swimming with the stingrays in Grand Cayman Islands. The trip also included Cozumel, Mexico.

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If you are interested in purchasing our slide shows send a check for $20 each, for each slide show you want with free shipping & handling. Make sure you print your Name, Address, State and Zip in an addressed envelope with a stamp on it. Send it to (Stan Mayer c/o StarDancer 858 Sugar Valley Ct. St. Peters, Mo. 63376). Please write the check out to Stan Mayer. Make sure you tell us what slide shows you want (by date & description). Also let us know if you want a copy on “CD” or “DVD”. So let us know what format you want.

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Pictures will be placed on the disc in a file along with the slide show separated from the file with the pictures. You will be able to play the slide show in a DVD player only and can retrieve the pictures manually if you need to. Most photos taken were shot with a samsung and HP 650 portable camera at  300 dpi. All motion slide shows are tracked for your convenience. Music can be added upon your request. Please, include the song title and artist in the order form before you put it in the envelope. If you want, we can put suitable background music in your slide show for you. On the order form just type in “background music”. If you don’t want background music just leave it off the order form.

Included with each slide show are extra pictures we have of each event. Not all of the pictures are on this web site. We only have enough room for you to see the main pictures. The quality on most of the pictures are fairly well, however some may need work on.  We install all pictures in the slide show and on the disc we do not separate them or cut them from the bulk of each dance event, however if we have a picture that is too unbearable or not very good we will cut that picture from the mix. Our software usually does the trick in which we use basic touch up of all of the pictures such as darken or lighten, remove red and white eye. The slide show program we use is simple fade with slow rotation if needed. The software is quite effective.

Any questions give us a call (636) 926-2680. Ask for Stan.

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Here are some more pictures of Riviera Maya. As you can see the scenery is beautiful. The trip was fun and the sights were spectacular. We hope that you will enjoy them. There was plenty of sun and on our last day we got to see their rainy season which was hardly noticed. This was one of the best excursions that we would hardly forget.

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Our Excursions are Fun & Exciting! Our first excursion, 7 years ago, was Riviera Maya, Mexico. This was a land excursion that was breath taking with lots of dancing at the “Hotel El Dorado Resort. The trip included a pontoon boat ride with two guitar players strumming romantic music towards an exotic evening on the beach side of the Gulf of Mexico, where we wine, dinned and danced, with tiki torch fires, around a wood dance floor to real Latin music. The meal was a steak and lobster feast. The wine was fine! The trip also included, karaoke by the bar with swings, the Mayan Pyramids of Chichenitza, the famous X-caret stadium with dinner shows and entertainment, a trip to “Mambo Cafe”, & “Senior Frogs” with Salsa Dancing to a hot Cuban Band. and a lot more shows and entertainment.

For Details on Future Excursions check with our Calendar or Check back to this page.

We have no planned schedule for an excursion right now!

However there is talk about setting up a trip to Australia for our next dance excursion. Check back later for dates & times. We hope that you will enjoy our slide shows of past excursions, check them out!

All trips are a special service that StarDancer provides through a travel agency at the time of the trip. StarDancer does not support, advertise or promote any particular company or travel agency on this site for the purpose of profit or gain. Stan and Linda do not profit from such trips. In real life we even have to pay our taxes for such trips. We provide the service, the means and a way for our students and gathering to have a fun dance vacation and wonderful experience. We feel our dance vacations are better than the others. As you can see in our photo’s, “the proof is in the pudding”. We believe our dance vacations are more fun & spectacular than the average dance cruise!  Which focuses on dancing only. You can see, we don’t just dance, we do other things and dance too! “You don’t go on a safari dance vacation and just dance without the safari”. It is our experience from other past excursions with other dance orgs. do not provide such a service other than making the money and setting up the function itself leaving you to fend for yourself. That does not happen with us. We make sure that all of our trip goers are all happy, and we’re there when they need us. “If it isn’t right, then we try to make it right”!  

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