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30 Years Experience Teaching Dance - Providing Dancers Professional Dance Instruction to Develop Their Dancing Skills Through Planning and Future Dance Programs.

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Night On The Town with Linda and Stan

Periodically we take our students out on the town to experience dancing in its pure form. This is a chance for them to loosen up and not think about steps all the time, just dance and have fun! This gives our students the experience at what to expect when they take that fist step on the dance floor. This prepares them for that special event, occasion or party they planned for.

This program is at no extra cost and it is a service that Linda and Stan provide for their students. (Door entry prices may apply).

Places we take our students or encourage them to show up are Casa Loma Ballroom, Sports Cafe, Back Street rhythm and blues and other places. Bands we recommend to try out are the “Contors Mo-Town Band” and “Sentimental Journey” big band.

For bookings or planning night on the town with Linda & Stan check our calendar by clicking the button below or check back with this page.

Here are various pics of Night On the Town. We hope you enjoy them.  As you can see the age of dancers varies. The fun of dancing has no limit. The benefits of dance are huge. Anyone can do it! Start by signing up for classes!

Our Next Night on the Town is...

Friday March 2nd 2012

Casa Loma Ballroom

Cherokee & Iowa, St. Louis, Mo. 63118

Sentimental Journey Big Band

For reservations book with Linda & Stan’s table

(314) 664-8000

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Map to Casa Loma Ballroom

Picture Slide Shows & Videos Available Below

Click on to view or pick the picture slide show or video of your choice...each one is underlined.

2011, Apr. 1st - Night On the Town - Casa Loma Ballroom St. Louis Mo.

Flash Pic. Slide Show - (34 Pics)(Dance)(No Music)

MPEG Pic. Show - (34 Pics)(Dance w/Music) (RAR Dwnload 30 min.)

StarDancerNet YouTube - (34 Pics)(Dance w/Music)

YouTube Direct. - (34 Pics)(Dance w/Music)

HTML Flv.Pic.Slide Show Video - (34 Pics)(Dance w/Music)(RAR Download 7 mins.)

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Purchase Our Slide Shows for $20 each.

If you are interested in purchasing our slide shows send a check for $20 each, for each slide show you want with free shipping & handling. Make sure you print your Name, Address, State and Zip in an addressed envelope with a stamp on it. Send it to (Stan Mayer c/o StarDancer 858 Sugar Valley Ct. St. Peters, Mo. 63376). Please write the check out to Stan Mayer. Make sure you tell us what slide shows you want (by date & description). Also let us know if you want a copy on “CD” or “DVD”. So let us know what format you want.

(Click Here for the Order Form) or at the bottom of the page.

Pictures will be placed on the disc in a file along with the slide show separated from the file with the pictures. You will be able to play the slide show in a DVD player only and can retrieve the pictures manually if you need to. Most photos taken were shot with a samsung and HP 650 portable camera at  300 dpi. All motion slide shows are tracked for your convenience. Music can be added upon your request. Please, include the song title and artist in the order form before you put it in the envelope. If you want, we can put suitable music in your slide show for you. If you don’t want background music just leave it off the order form.

Included with each slide show are extra pictures we have of each event. Not all of the pictures are on this web site. We only use the pictures we need. The quality on most of the pictures is fairly well however some may need work on.  We install all pictures in the slide show and on the disc we do not separate them or cut them from the bulk of each dance event, however if we have a picture that is too unbearable or not very good we will cut that picture from the mix. Our software usually does the trick in which we will use basic touch up of all of the pictures such as darken or lighten, remove red and white eye. The slide show program we use is simple fade with slow rotation if needed. The software is quite effective.

Any questions give us a call (636) 926-2680. Ask for Stan.

(Click Here for a Order Form) or at the bottom of this page.

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