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Next Dance Party -  Friday Oct. 26th, 2012

Halloween Dance

Knights of Columbus 2199 Post Rd. 63368

Lessons start 7:25 PM - Dance starts at 8:30 PM

Cost is $10 at the door

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Throughout the year our students look forward to going to our special holiday party dances. Starting with our “New Years Eve Party”. Our students sign up for this big event which sells out usually at “Stegtons” in St. Charles, Mo. For the last 3 years we’ve celebrated the new year at “Stegtons Regency Banquet Center”. With its excellent food, drink, pleasure and show stopper music your sure to have a good time. Top popular bands like the “King of Hearts”, “Non Stop Rock Band” and others have played there. (Public and guest are invited). For Info. (Click the arrow below or check out our calendar for details).

Our next party-dance, (Falls on our 2nd Friday in February), is our lovers valentines dance. This is a great party dance for our new people to meet up and have fun dancing all night. This dance is held at the Knights of Columbus Hall 2199 Post Rd. In Dardenne Prairie, Mo. 63368. DJ Music is played by Stan. Click on bottom arrow for more Info. or check our Ad to the left for dance details. (Public and guest are invited).

In March bring out the green for our St. Patrick’s celebration dance. This dance too, is on our 2nd Friday dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall. (The public and guest are invited).

In October we have our biggest Dance of the year which is our Halloween or Masquerade party-dance (Check our calendar for more info.). At this Dance we have our biggest giveaways. Free gifts and coupons, free dance courses, free private lessons, dance shoes from “CHAD”, free music and a lot more with a lot of dancing. Students win prizes awarded for best costumes, door prizes, dance games and more. The dance is held at the Knights of Columbus Hall with Stan DJ’n some of his finest music.

November is the time to be thankful! Every year after “Thanksgiving Day”, (4th Friday in November), we play music for our students to work that turkey off and get out on the floor. The evening is an elegant event of ballroom dancing held at the Knights of Columbus Hall (4th Friday). (Check out the calendar), (the public and guest are invited).

Finally our last and special holiday party dance is our Christmas Dance fund raiser. This dance is off schedule, usually the 3rd Friday in December at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Bring in a can good and receive a dollar off the cover. All food is donated to the needy children. This is a dance that Linda and Stan have cherished through the years. (The public and guest are invited)(Check our calendar for details).

Our special party services varies. Stan & Linda have been known to take their entertainment in peoples home. In other words bring the band to you! For years we have danced, putting on shows, DJ playing music and taught special lessons for private parties, weddings, special events, kids & adult birthday parties, as well as other events too. No matter what the occasion Linda and Stan can do it for you. (Special Prices for Students Who are Enrolled in Class). For cost and information call 636-926-2680.

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Purchase Our Slide Shows for $20 each.

If you are interested in purchasing our slide shows send a check for $20 each, for each slide show you want with free shipping & handling. Make sure you print your Name, Address, State and Zip in an addressed envelope with a stamp on it. Send it to (Stan Mayer c/o StarDancer 858 Sugar Valley Ct. St. Peters, Mo. 63376). Please write the check out to Stan Mayer. Make sure you tell us what slide shows you want (by date & description). Also let us know if you want a copy on “CD” or “DVD”. So let us know what format you want.

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Pictures will be placed on the disc in a file along with the slide show separated from the file with the pictures. You will be able to play the slide show in a DVD player only and can retrieve the pictures manually if you need to. Most photos taken were shot with a samsung and HP 650 portable camera at  300 dpi. All motion slide shows are tracked for your convenience. Music can be added upon your request. Please, include the song title and artist in the order form before you put it in the envelope. If you want, we can put suitable music in your slide show for you. If you don’t want background music just leave it off the order form.

Included with each slide show are extra pictures we have of each event. Not all of the pictures are on this web site. We only use the pictures we need. The quality on most of the pictures is fairly well however some may need work on.  We install all pictures in the slide show and on the disc we do not separate them or cut them from the bulk of each dance event, however if we have a picture that is too unbearable or not very good we will cut that picture from the mix. Our software usually does the trick in which we will use basic touch up of all of the pictures such as darken or lighten, remove red and white eye. The slide show program we use is simple fade with slow rotation if needed. The software is quite effective.

Any questions give us a call (636) 926-2680. Ask for Stan.

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***** 2011, Dec. 31st - New Years Eve Dance Stegton’s Banquet Video MPEG 2 - (5 Video mp4’s together - Compressed RAR, Dance & Music - 11:24) (Download time 30 mins.)

***** 2010, Oct. 22nd - Halloween Dance Party At Knights of Columbus, in Dardeene Prairie,Mo. Flash Picture Slide Show - (28 Pics put together in a slide show.)

Dance Party Events!
DON'T FORGET 4th FRIDAY JUNE 22nd - 7:15 PM - YOUR GRADUATION DANCE - At Knights of Columbus Dance Club Hall - 2199 Post Rd. in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri 63368